Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

City Info Experts and TourBeaver now offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on tours and attractions purchased through our websites.

We promise to make sure you are satisfied with your tour experience, or we will make it right, up to and including a full refund of your purchase. When you purchase tours and attractions from our company, one of the benefits is that you are getting a consumer advocate and you benefit from our buying power. Therefore, we are able to exert more power over tour operators than any individual consumer can. We know that if one of the tour companies we work with leaves our customer dissatisfied, we can convince them to make it right, or they run the risk of losing all of our business.

If you are unhappy with your tour for any reason, please call us at 212-852-4822 or email us at or text us at 415-802-0054 and let us know. We will make it right.

Some of the ways in which we will assist you include:
• Having the operator provide you with a free tour on your next visit.
• Giving you a credit with City Info Experts that you can use in any of our 550 cities.
• Obtaining an apology from the tour company or tour company employee involved.
• Obtaining gift certificates for you to use for future purposes with the relevant tour company or City Info Experts.
• Refunding all or part of your money.

At City Info Experts we consider ourselves to be advocates for our customers, and we want to make sure that you enjoy your vacation, so if you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us and we will make it right or refund your purchase.

NOTE: This policy does not apply for tickets with Hornblower, Alcatraz Cruises, Statue Cruises, or other third-party companies where the consumer pays the company directly for tickets.